How To Pick The Right Conditioner for Your Curls

October 30, 2017 Product Tips 🧴 0 Comments by Rose Ovensehi

How To Pick The Right Conditioner for Your Curls

Conditioners. There are so many of them. But what are their specific purposes for our hair? Grab a brew and take a read while we list the most important structures of different conditioners. 

Straight off the bat, there are daily conditioners, deep conditioners, masks and leave-in conditioners to name a few. And we can't forget the conditioners that are either infused with protein (strengthening agents) or moisture (nourishing ingredients) to help keep your hair balanced and at its very best. 

Daily conditioners

  • Gentle enough to use daily
  • Helps to restore moisture lost during the shampoo process
  • Helps repair the hair strands

Deep conditioners

  • Should be used weekly
  • Provides the hair with intense moisture
  • Best used with heat
  • Is ok to use a mask as a deep conditioner
  • Adding oils help bump up a conditioner
  • Is ok to use a deep conditioner as a mask

Hair masks

  • More effective with heat
  • Is normally of a thicker consistency
  • Typically repairs and helps prevent breakage

Leave-in conditioners

  • Gentle enough to leave in your hair after washing
  • Provides more moisture
  • Can also be used as a moisturiser

As textured hair is typically drier than its counterparts (straighter hair types) we need to alternate between each conditioning treatment. And no matter what after your wash day ritual, always use a conditioner! Be sure to check out our conditioners, if you need help with choosing the right one for your curl goals here's a helpful list for you to refer to: 

  • Leave-In Conditioner(s): 

  • Daily Conditioner(s):

  • Deep Conditioner(s):

Our daily conditioners can be exhausted to a deep conditioning treatment when using our Insulated Shower Cap to help warm the hair cuticles to open for deeper penetration. 

Need help with choosing the right products? Simply send us an email at We'd love to help you achieve your dream curls!

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl 

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