Hairstyles For Any Occasion

November 29, 2021 Style Inspiration 👩🏾‍🦱 0 Comments by Rose Ovensehi

Hairstyles For Any Occasion

As we celebrate our 2nd birthday, why not admire and show love to some of our favourite natural hairstyles. While straight hair is nice, our kinks, coils and curls take centre stage. Check out these summer styles that can be worn for any occasion.

Fro Glow 

Let your fro grow and your skin glow. Sometimes letting your natural hair run free can give you an amazing and effortless style. Remember to keep your hair hydrated (our Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist is perfect for on the go hydration), no one likes a dry fro.



The High Puff

The classic high puff shows that we can wear our buns and puffs anyway high or low and still make it look cute. Wearing your hair in a bun is also similar but your bun maybe smaller and your ends are tucked away and protected. Either way, while your ends are exposed in your high puff, you can show off your kinks, coils and curls.





Definitely a look for summer, winter and really all year round. We're loving these jumbo. You can dress them up or down, mix colours, add accessories or make them as big or a small as you want. There's definitely no stopping Jasmine rocking these twists. 



Coils Coils Coils

One for the books, twist & braid outs, bantu knots and perm rod sets are styles that work well on both short or long natural hair.
Check out Crystal rocking her voluminous twist out. Our Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam paired with our Gentle Fro Pick will have your coils and curls looking bouncy and full of volume. 




Bantu Knots

There's no stopping Joyjah when it comes to recreating such a beautiful style. Simply plaiting the hair and wrapping it round instead of just twisting, transforms this style into a cute summer vibe. Plus, you get a bonus style when you unravel your bantu knots revealing a cute curly style full of volume and bounce. 



We'd love to know what some of your favourite hairstyles are.

Naturally yours,

Team Flora & Curl

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