6 Gifts Your Curly Galentine or Valentine Wants And Needs!

6 Gifts Your Curly Galentine or Valentine Wants And Needs!

It's nearly Valentines and Galentines day, curlfriends! And we have got the BEST gifts to give your curly bestie or partner. This year, why not show them you care through the love of their beautiful hair?! 
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It's nearly Valentines and Galentines day, curlfriends! And we have got the BEST gifts to give your curly bestie or partner. This year, why not show them you care through the love of their beautiful hair?! 

1. Glorious Gift Sets

Our gift sets are packaged in our gorgeously guilt-free eco-friendly packaging. No need to wrap these gifts, the packaging is stunning without the excess use of wrapping paper! We have a gift set for all of their curly needs: 

Style Me Duo Gift Set 

Give them Cupid's go-to stylers this year and enhance the magic in their curls, coils or waves! Our Sweet Hibiscus Style Me Duo gift set comes with our Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion and our Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel! The styling duo of your dreams help activate curls, keep coils defined and strengthen/nourish the hair shaft as a whole with protein priority! 

Hydrate Me Duo Gift Set

Looking for something to help with your loved ones' styling regimen? Look no further. Our Rose Water & Honey Leave-In Detangler and Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist pair perfectly together to help maintain moisture, hydration and significantly reduce frizz for all curl types. Our Hydrate Me Duo gift set is a great starting point for implementing a solid LCO regimen (liquid, cream and oil). If you would like to give your partner the full package, why not take a look at our LOC Bundle?

Hydrate Me Trio Gift Set

Our Hydrate Me Trio is the way to go if your partner/curlfriend are looking for an ultra-hydrating wash day. This curl-quenching gift set includes our most-loved products from our Hydrate Me range, including the Rose Water & Honey Cream Shampoo, Rose Water & Honey Cream Conditioner and the Rose Water & Honey Leave-In Detangler (everyone's favourite). If they're looking for more slip, hydration, moisture and frizz reduction, our terrific trio has got their curls covered.

2. The Stylers They Want The Most: Guaranteed!

Still a hit online, our must-have stylers will have them swooning for a very long time! Meet our award-winning Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam and our Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream. If you're curlfriend/partner is obsessed with volume, but can't seem to achieve or maintain it... they NEED the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam. No doubt about it. And if they are looking for an all-rounder, that defines, intensively moisturises, hydrates, softens and reduces frizz, go for the Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream*.

*Good to note: The Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream may be too heavy for finer and looser curl types. This cream was made predominantly for our type 3 - type 4 tight curls, coils and fros. Visit our curl type page if you aren't sure what curl type your partner/curlfriend is. This is because our Twist & Braid Cream has been formulated for extremely dry and coarse curls. Although your loved-ones curls may be dry, this product may be too heavy for wavy/fine curl type.

3. Pamper Night in a Pot

A pamper session for two in a tub! Our Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Clay Wash resets & revitalises curls. With high-quality clays and botanical extracts, give your loved one a soothing and calming pamper day in a pot. Dim the lights, get cosy and cuddle up watching a film while our innovative formula takes your scalp on a ultra-calming journey. Make it extra special and add our best-selling accessory, the 2 in 1 Insulated Shower Cap to the mix to warm up the scalp and hair shaft to open their hair cuticles for a much deeper and more effective deep condition. If you want to go the extra mile, grab our Gentle Curl Towel to reduce wash-day frizz and provide faster curl drying times. 

4. The Kit of Curly Dreams

We're not exaggerating. It's true! This is THE kit of curly dreams. How do we know? Because we chose five of our best-selling products and added them to our mini, yet mighty Mini Essentials Curl Kit. It includes:

  1. Rose Water & Honey Cream Shampoo 
  2. Rose Water & Honey Cream Conditioner
  3. Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist
  4. Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion
  5. Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel

Our carefully selected selection of products in the Mini Essentials Curl Kit are sure to revamp their curls, coils and waves! We recommend this kit to those who are wanting to try Flora & Curl, but just aren't sure where to start. So, if you've overheard your curlfriend/partner talk about Flora & Curl—this is the gift they'll appreciate the most!

5. Beautify and Support Their Curls

Okay, so you have already ordered the main gift, but you're looking for the perfect add-on. These cute and affordable Gentle Curl Accessories are yet to elevate the whole package. From beautifully hand-drawn botanical Vegan Satin Scrunchies, to a therapeutic Scalp Refresh Massager, the list is never-ending to find the final add-on! Take a look at what we have in store to make their Valentines Day super special:

  • Gentle Curl Towel: Perfect for reducing wash day frizz and drying the hair quicker with soft and smooth materials. 
  • Vegan Satin Scrunchies: Small and large satin scrunchies made with vegan materials that are premium and are designed with our beautiful hand-drawn botanical design.
  • Insulated Shower Cap: The accessory of 2021, our best-selling accessory boasts a dual design to insulate and protect from water. Its dual capabilities make wash day a breeze, especially when wanting to open up the hair cuticles for a deeper, more nourishing deep condition or hot oil treatment. 
  • Scalp Refresh Massager: A handy gadget to target excess build-up from the scalp, deeply cleanse and massage to increase blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Gentle Curl Comb: A spacious, wide-tooth comb with a sturdy design and an ultra-smooth surface to glide through your curls.
  • Gentle Fro Pick: Volumize your curls easily with our Gentle Fro Pick. This smooth-layered and sturdy comb allows you to gently pick your curls to create extra volume and combat flat roots. The long teeth reach the roots for even more coverage.

6. Let them choose their curl care with a Flora & Curl Digital Gift Card

If you are completely unsure on what to get for your curlfriend/partner, you cannot go wrong with opting for the Flora & Curl Digital Gift CardMake it easier for them and yourself this Valentine's Day. Not only will this relieve the stress of finding the perfect product, but they can also dive into the botanical waters of Flora & Curl and see what we have to offer!

We hope this helps you out this Valentine's Day! These were just some of our top picks, be sure to check out our other collections, our bespoke bundles and our glorious Valentines Day Gift Shop! If you need more guidance, please feel free to get in touch with us at hello@floracurl.com.

We hope you have a lovely Valentines or Galentines Day!

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl

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