World Rainforest Day: Why Is The Rainforest So Important?

World Rainforest Day: Why Is The Rainforest So Important?

It's World Rainforest Day! We thought we would share some nuggets of important information on the climate change crisis and how trees/forests will save the planet.
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It's World Rainforest Day! We thought we would share some nuggets of important information on the climate change crisis and how trees/forests will save the planet.

The facts

Did you know that each second that passes a forest is destroyed? That's right. Each second. In just 1 day, there are 86,400 seconds. These many forests are being destroyed per day. 

Why are 86,400* forests being destroyed per day? *A rough estimate from World Rainforest Day Organisation

  • Wood for timber and making fires 
  • Agricultural practices 
  • Grazing land for cattle 
  • New business developments
  • Road construction 
  • Extraction of minerals and energy
  • Cars
  • Aeroplanes 

Monga Bay

Trees are very important for maintaining the natural balance of nature itself. For instance, a tree not only helps us to breathe and provide shelter for animals it also cleans carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 1 third of all carbon in the atmosphere can be reduced by a natural solution - forests.

"As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere."


What is carbon dioxide and why is it harmful? 

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that absorbs and radiates heat. It is made from three atoms: 1 part carbon, 2 parts oxygen. The heat that CO2 emits is stored in the Earth's atmosphere; this is needed for us to survive on the planet - otherwise, it would simply be too cold. 

However, over the last 50 years, human activity has increased the rate of carbon dioxide - thus, making Earth a lot warmer. Modern living such as driving your car to and from work emits more CO2. Not to mention travelling on aeroplanes too. This is due to fossil fuels that are being burnt for their energy. 

Change is coming, but time is of the essence

It's not all doom and gloom. It is safe to say that we are on the right track to help the global climate crisis. Solar power has been introduced to modern homes as a cleaner, more sustainable way of getting energy to the house. Electric cars have been made to completely abolish CO2 emissions. Solar wind is also another mode of getting clean energy.

But time is of the essence. Half of the planet's forests have already gone. You remember what we were just saying right? That forests get destroyed every second. Well, the size of these forests is at least the size of one soccer field (which is pretty significant). 

What we do to help

We support WeForest

To stay below a temperature rise of 2 degrees, we need to remove the excess carbon from our atmosphere. A simple nature-based solution exists. WeForest works with communities and local organisations to build scalable reforestation projects, support livelihoods and protect natural environments from erosion and degradation. We donate to support the restoration of the Earth's lungs.

See how many trees that we have funded here.

Remote working

Our small but mighty team all work remotely, from home. Thus, we do not travel to and from work. This helps reduce the level of CO2 emissions from transportation.

Eco-friendly production

Our release of the new Soothe Me scalp care newbies have been made with a super important active. This is called APISCALP™. It is a plant-based natural extract of celery seeds (apium graveolens) obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction which is an eco-designed process. This production method is low-impact as it requires less energy compared to traditional extraction.

100% Natural Plant-powered Products

Because we use plants as the main part of our formulations, our botanical recipes are 100% sustainable. We keep it clean and eco-friendly, not only for your curls but for our wonderful world. Learn more about our ingredients here.

Eco-friendly delivery

We try to keep it consistent and standby the planet by making changes from every avenue of our company. From recyclable bottles to biodegradable packaging, leaflets and peanuts. You can learn more about our eco-friendly delivery.

What you can do

Although you contribute to the WeForest organisation through your F&C purchases, do you do anything else to help climate change? We'd love to know. You can let us know in the comments below. If you are not too sure on what you can do to help keep the world calm, clean and cool take a look at this helpful guide: 9 Things You Can Do About Climate Change by the Imperial College of London. And remember: 

Without forests, there is no climate solution. Our trees will save humankind. 


Naturally Yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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