Meet Some of The Women Behind Flora & Curl For International Women's Day!

March 08, 2022 0 Comments by Brittany Knight

Meet Some of The Women Behind Flora & Curl For International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day! We love days like these because we can take a breath and reflect on all of our accomplishments. And what better day to shout cheer about the women in our team at Flora & Curl.

Learn about their roles within our female-owned and black-owned curly haircare brand. First up, we've got the CEO:

"Hello, my name is Rose and I am the Founder and CEO of Flora & Curl. I manage and oversee the day to day needs of the company. I set growth targets to ensure that we are meeting our ambitious goals and work with our marketing team to spread the word about Flora & Curl globally. I also look after company welfare, recruitment, internal HR policies, our charitable strategy, accounting needs, and manage our exciting product development schedule. 

I enjoy travelling and exploring through food and reading. I love walking my Fox Red Labrador, Ruby - she’s only 6 months and is very playful. In my spare time, I am learning how to watercolour and would like to explore gardening so that I can grow some home-grown vegetables and fruits."

"Hi there! I'm Kaisha, the PR & Brand Ambassador Manager here at Flora & Curl.

I oversee all things influencer and PR related. Other than always laughing and smiling, I LOVE all things hair and beauty. I also love getting creative by creating custom greeting cards, baking and am a huge TV addict."

"Hello! I'm Hannah, the Team Administrator and PA to the CEO here at Flora & Curl. I oversee the team's administrative needs and support our wonderful CEO.

I have two French Bulldogs who I'm utterly obsessed with and in my free time, you will often find me cuddled up on the sofa watching Netflix with them and my husband! I love being creative and having fun by practicing Film photography and baking. My favourite food has to be red velvet cake or anything you can find on a roast dinner, yum!"

"Hi! I'm Florencia and I'm from Argentina. I am the Operations Manager at Flora & Curl and absolutely love it!

In my free time I love traveling and going out for coffee with my family and friends. I just love coffee so I can never say no to it!"

"Hi, my name is Emily and I am the Wholesale Account Manager at Flora & Curl and I am in charge of overseeing all of our wonderful stockists!

In my spare time I love hanging out with my pug Steve. I am obsessed with Mac & Cheese and always order some whenever I go out to eat. It does not get better than pasta!"

"Hi, I am Natalia and I am the Supply Chain Manager at Flora & Curl. I look after all of the supply chain aspects to make sure that our products are available for you at any time.

Privately I am mum of 2 little boys so my free time is all theirs. If by any chance I have 5 minutes for myself I love to enjoy it with a cup of coffee in the nature."

"Hello everyone! My name is Brittany and I am the Social Media and Content Executive at Flora & Curl. My role consists of creating the custom content you see on our socials, newsletters and blog posts. I also help our CEO with e-commerce design and creative direction too.

When I am not thinking of ways to help simplify your curly hair routine, I love to keep it calm by practising self-care in the form of cooking, playing Sims, seeing my family and treating myself to some lush skincare products. I have also taken up a hobby for making rugs and wall-hangings which is so enjoyable as I love a little interior design crafting. I also have a Leopard Gecko called Tarantino and as I am sure you can tell by her name, I am an absolute film fanatic too."

We hope that you enjoyed meeting some of our amazing team members this International Women's Day! 

Naturally Yours, 

The Team at Flora & Curl

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